Certified Organic Ultra Fine High Protein Almond Flour

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Certified Organic
High Protein at 50%
Low Carb & Gluten Free

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Ultra Fine Certified Organic Spanish Blanched Almond Flour/powder. This is a high protein almond powder at 50% protein content. Please note that this is a very finely ground flour/powder and is not the same as the usual ground almonds or almond meal which is often also called almond flour in most recipes. This is a great alternative vegan high protein powder for smoothies and thickening. It can also be used for low carb baking but as this is a very unique product you cannot simply use as a replacement for ground almonds. For those interested in trying out almond flour recipes such as those from Elena Amsterdam and similar ground almond flour recipes, please note recipes would have to be adapted significantly and you will need far less of our ultra fine flour than the equivalent amount of normal ground almonds. Unfortunately most almond cookery books refer to blanched ground almonds as almond flour but they are very different products. Please order our regular blanched ground almond flour to follow Elena’s and other almond flour recipes.
Certified Organic
High Protein at 50%
Low Carb & Gluten Free
Can be used for baking an thickening
Produced from blanched Spanish almonds

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